Tuesday , 17 October 2017
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Privacy Policy

We take visitor privacy very importantly. The following details the information received on the site and how this is used.

The system collects log files including your IP address, your ISP, your web browser and the time you visited our website and the webpages you visited.

Third party advertisements are provided by Google Adsense, and these advertisements in some cases use cookies allowing Google to geo target the ads shown on our website.

DART cookies are used for advertisements from Google DoubleClick. The cookie is used to serve advertisements specific to you and the things you show interest in. DART cookies use no personally identifiable information. If you’d rather opt out of this advertisement simply click here.

Email addresses are collected when visitors write messages on our blog posts, or submit information in a contact form or when writing an email to us. None of the email addresses are shared with third party companies or sold in any such way, we take privacy very seriously.

We are not responsible for information or content shown on external websites. Information on this website remains accurate to the time of publishing and is likely to change on a regular basis. We cannot accept legal responsibility for the damage of computer software when accessing our website.

When contacting us via our online contact form or email address, personal information including your name, telephone number and email address may be required.

This information is kept confidential and is only used for the purpose in which it has been provided. We cannot accept any legal responsibility for the actions you take after reading information on our website.

When emailing us you are accepting that we can use your personal information in its intended purpose. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions and privacy policy documents at any time.