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Artotel Designer Hotels


As the name would suggest Art’otel are hotels that are inspired by some of the most well known and influential artists of all time.

The launch of Art’otel

Since the launch of the very first Art’otel in Berlin 1990, Art’otel now boast over six stunning luxurious hotels all of which are unique and special in their own individual ways.

Further developments

With plans of further development Art’otel intend to expand their current portfolio, which will be a welcomes treat for many European cities which aren’t currently occupied by a famous Art’otel. Currently you can book a stay in the following Art’otel’s:

  • Art’otel Amsterdam
  • Art’otel Berlin City Center West
  • Art’otel Berlin Mitte
  • Art’otel Berlin Kudamm
  • Art’otel Cologne
  • Art’otel Dresden

Strong brand presence

Since the launch of the first Art’otel in Berlin, Art’otel have created a strong brand and one that they are proud to represent on a global scale. Artistic flair, colour and culture has been ingrained into every element of the Art’otel brand making it what it is today.

Inspired by world famous artists

Each and every individual Art’otel features cutting edge technology, combined with tasteful modern interior designs, making Art’otel a highly desirable place to stay. Each of the Art’otel’s take inspiration from post 1945 art, in museum standard displays. Some of the artists work featured includes work from Wolf Vostell, Georg Baselitz, Andy Warhol and Donald Sultan just to name a few.

Guests staying at Art’otel

Expect to stay alongside some of the world’s most creative, stylish and cosmopolitan trendsetters who seek stylish hotels, finished to the highest of standards. Each Art’otel was created with the end user in mind, attention to detail is something that helps Art’otel stand out from the rest.

Image Credit: Artotels

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