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Top Secret Comedy Club

The Top Secret Comedy Club in London’s thriving Covent Garden has been host to some of the biggest names in the world of comedy, from the likes of Eddie Izzard to London’s very own Lee Nelson.

World Famous Comics

When it comes to world famous comics, The Top Secret Comedy Club has seen them all, Eddie Izzard, Jason Manford, John Bishop, Russell Howard, Lee Nelson, Paul Chowdhry, Seann Walsh, Dara O Briain and Jack Whitehall are all household names in The Top Secret Comedy Club. Many of the comedians perform their latest stand up before heading out on their nationwide tours or on the television.

Regular Line-ups

Not only Does The Top Secret Comedy Club play host to super famous comedians trying out their latest comic magic, they also host some of London’s top brass when it comes to the comedy circuit.

With regular performances from Prince Abdi, Andrew Lawrence, Ria Lina, Josh Howie, Ian Stone, Bobby Mair, Joel Dommett, Romesh Ranganathan, Holly Walsh, Scott Capurro and many more, there’s never a dull moment in The Top Secret Comedy Club.

Food… and Drink

The Top Secret Comedy Club is stacked with light nibbles including Pringles and nuts, however their is a pizza place located upstairs where you’ll be able to find 2 for the price of 1 pizza. Best of all you can have the pizza brought down to you, fresh to eat in The Top Secret Comedy Club! What more could you possibly want?

All Night Drink Promotions

Yes that’s right, all night drink promotions! With incredible drink promotions running all night, to put it frankly, The Top Secret Comedy Club has it all. With a pint setting you back a mere £3.50 and shots priced at around £1.50, rest assured the drinks will be flowing and it promises to be one of London’s Top nights out. Why not take advantage of their newest drink promotion setting you back an unbelievably cheap £12 for a 4 pint jug of beer!


Despite it’s ‘Top Secret’ status, you can find them at 170 Drury Lane, a short walk from Covent Garden and Holborn. As the name would suggest, it is ‘Top Secret’ after all, so be sure to keep an eye for their sign on the street outside.

Open Every Day! (Except Christmas)

Open every day except Christmas, the main shows at The Top Secret Comedy Club start at around 8.15pm and come to a close by 10.45pm, with two short intervals in-between, perfect for a leg stretch and top up of their super cheap drinks. After all, you wouldn’t want to be that one who gets up for a toilet break half way through the show!

Monday and Wednesday night – Say hello to comedians smoking hot New material. This show features up to six professional comedians testing out their latest gags!

Tuesday night – Improv from the Time Out-recommended Shoot From The Hip. This promises to be a barrel of laughs.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday – Business as usual, featuring a stand-up show with some of London’s hottest comedians.

Saturday night – This includes two shows, the early show at 7:00pm until 8.30pm, and the late show from 9:00pm until 11:00pm.

What We Think

With performances from some of the world’s leading and influential comedians, The Top Secret Comedy Club promises to be a top night with an outstanding atmosphere, and quite possibly the cheapest drinks you can find in Central London.

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